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tbaby3171's Journal

10 January 1971
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I live in Tennessee and am engaged to a great guy,John. We were high school sweethearts that got seperated during the 1st gulf war. We got re-connected thru Myspace and our wedding date is April 10,2010. I work in retail and have the tital of IMS,inventory management specialist, big fancy wordign for someone who counts inventory all day to correct onhands and outofstocks. I enjoyed bowling for years, not saying i was good but had fun but can not bowl every week now due to a back injury but i do still cheer my team on and fill in when they need me to. I am helping a friend of mine's daughter and her cheerleading squard. They are jr high and show great heart and talent. I enjoy watching sports, both american and world football,baseball,gymnastics,track and field, softball, swimming, and basketball. I enjoy playing basketball and handball as well as bowling, but with my back i dont play like i want to. I enjoy watching tv when i can,with cheerleading and all, i love watching anything about the paranormal,cooking,music.